Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mama scores

We went out for a brunch at a sandwich shop yesterday. As we were leaving, Rachel noticed a furnishings-and-quilts store that had a sale sign in the window, so I watched the kids while she browsed.

(This was when I discovered that Melissa has reached the Tool Using stage: she pushed a stepladder around with her so she could climb into more trouble. Rachel says she's been pushing chairs over to our kitchen sink for a couple weeks now.)

The store ladies thought Matthew's sheer energy was charming, fortunately. Before they changed their minds I took the kids out for a walk around the block; when we got back, Rachel had her purchases decided. One was a kind of sleeping roll: not quite a bag, it's a pad with a blanket sewn to one side and a built-in pillow. "If it gets him to nap for another month, it's worth it."

We deployed the roll that afternoon and it was an instant hit. Not only did it produce the desired results, but he's taken to carrying it everywhere by its shoulder strap, unrolling it for impromptu "naps" when the mood strikes.

Only problem is, Melissa thinks it is cool too and tries to take a turn whenever she sees it temporarily abandoned. This causes her brother to fly into insane fits of jealousy when he notices.

We are getting another one Monday.

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