Sunday, January 28, 2007

Body building

Yesterday I took Matthew with me to our neighbor's to help load boxes. He's moving in a month, and this was the first stage. There were a few boxes light enough for Matthew to carry, and he was most pleased with himself. When he tried to pick one up that was heavier than it looked, he said, "I need more muscle pick dis one up. I need twurn five, eat broccoli." I guess when he went grocery shopping with Rachel recently, they got some broccoli and Rachel told him it would help him get Big and Strong. (Two of his favorite goals, except when they are not.)

Yesterday evening we went to Applebee's for dinner. Rachel was skeptical because the last time she ate at Applebee's was ten years ago and it was unimpressive. I don't think I've ever eaten there before, but I read an article in the paper about menu improvements there and I thought it would be worth a try. It was pretty good (although my "medium rare" steak was more of a "well done"), and my steak came with a side of squash and broccoli. I handed Matthew some broccoli, and said, "Here you go! This will help you get more muscle!" He demurred at first, but I reminded him about moving heavy boxes and he ate it. Then Rachel told him, "They're like little trees!" and Matthew even had seconds.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'll have to remember this trick...I didn't think kids EVER ate broccoli. :) HV

Kathleen said...

I found your blog! I've has insomnia, so I've read the whole thing! The good, the bad, the poop. I love hearing what's going on in your lives. I just recently started a blog too.