Sunday, October 27, 2013

January peanuts

I didn't realize I was so behind on Peanuts posts...

  • Cleaned the church with the three older kids. I was a bad manager and after a brief stint emptying trash bags from classrooms, they joined other kids running around the gym and the halls. Later I passed Melissa, chasing some younger kids with a feather duster. She stopped and grinned at me. "I'm chasing the boys! Usually Matthew chases me. This is more fun."
  • Rachel: "I need to kill more zombies before bed. Plants vs Zombies is dumb, but strangely satisfying."
  • Rachel: "Do you want cupcakes? Or chocolate cake?" Corinna: nods enthusiastically. Rachel: "I'm not going to argue with a one year old." Corinna got both.
  • Christine: "Your back is tough to massage. It's ... insulated."
  • Me: "I have two meetings scheduled at the same time on Thursday." Rachel: "That means you can get out of both!"
  • Rachel: "Why did you put your shirts in your drawer this way?" Me: "Because I thought it was better than leaving them in the suitcase?" Rachel: "This looks like a sloppy Matthew drawer!"
  • Me: "Where is middle C on the alto clef?" Rachel: "Right on the middle line. You didn't know that?" Me: "No. I don't play viola."
  • Christine: "I wouldn't say you're old. Just, because of you I'm aware of a lot of things most people my age aren't."
  • Rachel taught the kids about Mobius strips. Minds were blown.
  • An email I sent to Melissa's teacher, Re: Melissa's homework: "She is at the table yelling and screaming. We are done fighting her. She has two problems done. Threatening to email you had a brief effect but it has worn off, so we are following through. She can do the rest during recess." [October: she has made a lot of progress since.]
  • Nerf guns will be a lot more fun once there's nobody in the house who thinks the darts are snack food.

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