Sunday, September 22, 2013

Austin Children's Museum

We took the kids downtown in March to see the children's museum. It was a good walk from the train station to the museum and between the walk and the museum they were good and tired by the end. It was also the last weekend of SXSW. Fortunately, the museum wasn't particularly close to the epicenter, and we were even able to get a last-minute reservation to Lambert's, one of my favorite restaurants downtown (and made Texas Monthly's list of top 50 bbq restaurants in Texas). It wasn't quite as peaceful as lunch with a bunch of programmers, but the kids liked it and we survived.


They had a live band upstairs, of course. I tried heading up for a closer look but once you came up the stairs the noise hit you like a wall. Downstairs, it was tolerable. Isaac really liked it; you can see him grooving as we left:

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