Sunday, August 19, 2012

May Peanuts

  • Classical music concerts are one activity that don't make me feel old, yet. I was one of the youngest attendees when my mother took me to my first at ~16; I'm still one of the youngest.
  • The boys left their room open, so Corinna invaded. She was playing with Isaac's discarded shirt and pants when I caught her. She squawked when I confiscated them, so I let her keep them. She happily dragged them around with her for a good 15 minutes.
  • Isaac just doesn't do "shh."
  • Rachel saw a French flag being flown in the neighborhood. I stopped by to say hi. Turned out he's a German who collects flags and flies them when he has a good excuse (e.g., today's French elections).
  • An unwelcome development: Corinna can now open the kitchen trash can.
  • Corinna pulled my laptop onto the floor face-first, shattering the screen. I think that's a new record for most expensive thing my kids have broken.
  • Matthew, on seeing a boy his age at the Maker Faire with a purple mohawk: "Why don't you ever let me get a haircut like that?"
  • Rachel bought her first game on Steam.
  • Melissa: "Alcohol, drugs, and boating don't mix." Me: "What does that mean? Don't drink alcohol and drive a boat?" Melissa: "No!" (Her tone pities my foolishness.) "If you mix alcohol, and drugs, and a boat, it will explode!"
  • Melissa: "It's hard being a girl. When you drop a tic tac in your dress, you can never find it."
  • Isaac likes sand. A lot. We're used to dumping his shoes out after preschool. Today he asked for a bag when he got home. Rachel got him a sandwich-sized ziplock. Next thing she knew there was sand in the bag and sand all over the floor. I guess Isaac had stuffed sand in his pockets to save for later. Next time we'll be more suspicious when our three year old asks for a bag for no particular reason.
  • Rachel: "Here's next season's crossover hit: My Little Ponies AND ZOMBIES."
  • Isaac's favorite song is still "The Wheels On The Bus." Tonight when we ran out of verses he wasn't done yet. "Da Eyeash ah da bus go bunja bunja bunja!" And he started jumping. "Bunja bunja bunja" is what he likes to say when he jumps on his sister's bed. Or the couch. It's his happy jumping noise. The Isaac on the bus goes Bunja bunja bunja!

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jeremy said...

Having watched some episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with Gwendolyn, I can attest that there are, in fact, undead ponies (changelings) that come to ruin pony weddings and suck the love out of them so they can take over Equestria.