Sunday, August 05, 2012

Baby rawrs

Almost every night after family prayer, I chase the kids to bed.  First Melissa would climb on my back and we would chase Matthew.  Then it was Isaac's turn to ride.  Now it is Corinna's.  She laughs and laughs as we chase them.

Isaac is a little sad that his place has been usurped.  Some nights he gets a turn on my back too.  But mostly he enjoys being chased by his little sister.

When all the big kids are in bed, then it's time to chase the smallest.  I put Corinna down and Roar! it's time to run, little girl!  Daddy's after you!

Saturday for the first time she figured out the game and ran away, giggling.  Until now she's run towards the daddy-monster, which wasn't quite the point.

I tired of the game before she did.  Not satisfied, she kept running around the house, yelling pint-sized rawr!s at all and sundry.

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