Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A little maternal boasting

Matthew did very well this last school year.  He worked hard and had straight A's all four quarters and earned a good citizenship award at the end of the year.  His classmates voted him "Most Responsible" and his teacher had nothing but praise for him.  She told us that we must be great parents, but really it isn't our parenting.  He's just a good, sharp kid and we are proud of him.

He's also pretty funny without even meaning to be.  I saved some of his essays that he wrote in school.  Most of them are from 4-5 months ago, so his spelling and grammar have improved since then.  

This is about the day last summer that he learned to ride his bike.  It was in the 90s outside and humid.
Learning to ride can be fun
When I was lerning how to ride my bike it diden't take me long.  My mom wasen't holding on that much.  She also took off the training wheles [wheels]!  I was feeling unsher [unsure] I wanted to learn how to ride my bike.  When we started I was very nerves [nervous].  But then I felt good and was not nerves any more.  I started peddling slowly and when I got good at balincing I went faster.  Then my mom was tierd [tired] and let go!  I fell down about four times but got back on and kept trying even if it hurt.  When I got good when my mom was resting and I past I would stick my toung [tongue] out at her but I did not get in trouble. I thout that was funny.  At last it was time to go I had a good time learning how to ride.  But I did not want to go home wet.  Insted I wanted to ride even more and never stop but I did not get my wist [wish] wich happens.
My favorite essay was entitled "big trouble"
big trouble
Onec I was argewing [arguing] with my Dad.  Boy I shor got in trouble!  My Dad sent me to Bathroom!  I hate the bathroom I thout.  But I went to the bathroom eneyway so I won't get into aney more trobl.  The next thing I was doing was thingking abowt what I did.  It was a long and boring wait.  But I was lucky because I left a book in the bathroom!  It was my favorite Calven and Hobbes!  I read alot the rest of the time.  When my Dad said, "you can come out now."  I came out and said I was very sorry.  "That's ok."  He said.
The End

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