Monday, June 27, 2011

Two and Trouble

Is is wrong to feel utter relief when it is naptime?  (I'm thinking NOT!)

Today Isaac:
  • decorated himself and the table with oatmeal
  • emptied the Sunday bag of its contents (crayons, books, hand sanitizer, spare clothes...)
  • scattered 3 decks of cards on the floor
  • dumped a box of Quaker Oat Squares into a bucket, took the bucket upstairs, and scattered the cereal down the hallway and in Melissa's room
  • climbed onto the counter, found a jar of red sugar sprinkles and emptied the entire contents on the counter, chairs and floor
  • overturned a toy basket and tossed toys everywhere
  • found a pen and scribbled on his and Matthew's bunk bed (I still haven't found the pen he used)
And for his coup de main, he came downstairs declared himself "stinky" (he was).  This after I'd taken him to the bathroom and put him to bed no less. And I just settled down to nurse a distressed Corinna too!

Lest any one think I just let him run wild- he accomplishes his rampant destruction in 3-5 minute time chunks.  Usually in the time I'm trying to prepare a meal, feed or change Corinna, or help Matthew or Melissa with a problem, he finds fun things to do!

Just yesterday he flooded the entire kitchen floor while I was diapering Corinna and changing her clothes.  ARGH!

It's after 2 PM and I still haven't used the bathroom since this morning, because I'm afraid to do so! 

I do believe this child is trying to drive me batty.


Suzanne said...

Oh, I've had days like that! Sometimes I think people must think I just let my children run around unsupervised when I share stories of the things they get into, but it all happens in just few minutes when I do something completely selfish like use the bathroom or run a stinky diaper out to the trash can. I don't know if this would keep Isaac entertained (he seems pretty enterprising), but something that worked for Adriana when Miriam was born is I would keep a box/basket of fun "new" toys that she could only play with when I was nursing the baby. Otherwise she seemed to always sense an opportunity for causing mischief or throwing fits. Good luck!

Rachel Ellis said...

That's an idea. Maybe I can create an interesting assortment of things in "nursing box" for Isaac.