Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tooth Fairy- FAIL

Melissa was bouncing on her toes when I met her at the corner after school.  "Guess what?"  She didn't pause to give me a chance to guess.  "My tooth is loose!  See!"  Sure enough, it was a little wiggly.  Melissa has been just dying to lose her first tooth.  Most of her friends have already lost teeth and occasionally Matthew mentions that he was 5 years old when he lost his first tooth.  At her last dental appointment, she insisted that the dentist tell her when she was going to lose her first tooth.  Looking at her x-ray, he told her that she would lose a "whole bunch" very soon.

She wiggled that tooth a little after school and then played with her pals across the street.  At dinner she took a bite of mango and beamed, "My tooth came out!"  We all congratulated her on her lost tooth.  She got ready for bed early so the tooth fairy could come.

But the tooth fairy was tired, absentminded, and 9 months pregnant...  

This morning she came downstairs a very disappointed little girl.  I had to make something up on the fly.  "Perhaps the tooth fairy had a lot of houses last night.  You know,  I bet she'll come while you're at school!"  Matthew, bless his heart, seconded the story, "Yeah, the tooth fairy once had a busy night and didn't come till I got back from school."  At 8 years old, he's in the know, but he didn't want to disappoint his sister.  

Here's hoping that she buys it and comes home a happy little miss.  

UPDATE: The tardy tooth fairy made it by the time school was out.  Melissa was very pleased to find some shiny loot under her pillow and all was well with the universe.  


Adrasteia said...

Poor tired Lady Tooth Fairy! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly, dear. I'm sure Melissa will forgive the Tooth Fairy's busy schedule as soon as she sees her shiny reward!

Renee said...

We've had tooth fairy fails here too! Hope the delayed surprise went over well!