Thursday, May 26, 2011

Melissa is 6!

Melissa turned 6 on the 6th this year.

First we had a family party on Friday the 6th.

Kind of blurry, but Melissa is giving Matthew a hug after he gave her a zhu zhu pet.  They are all the rage here, and Melissa adores them.  He spent $5 of his own money on it- which for him is a lot.

Usually I make a cake for the family party, but Melissa preferred a store bought one that she could decorate herself.  So she did!

Daddy and Isaac playing balloon games.

Isaac in his birthday suit still sporting a party hat.

The following week we held a kid party at Art Works.  It's an art studio for children and a great place to get messy and leave the mess behind!

Everyone had a great time, and no cleanup for me!

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Renee said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! (your belly is looking magnificent!)