Monday, May 16, 2011

April peanuts

  • I'm in the frequent flier minor leagues. 17/19 in line for the upgrade to first class on my SEA -> DEN flight (i.e., 16 people were higher priority than I).
  • Isaac is sharing his animal crackers with Melissa. "Mo? Mo? [More]" When she takes one, he is pleased. "Tank oo Idac! [Thank you Issac]" he supplies.
  • Melissa is singing a song she made up. "Popcorn's yummy. Cupcakes are yummy too. Yummy yummy yummy, oh yeah..."
  • Matthew is making non-getting-ready for bed noises in the bathroom. Rachel: "Matthew!" Matthew: "I'm doing the Macaroni! [Macarena]"
  • Me, holding kleenex: "Souffle! [blow]" Isaac: "Achoo!"
  • I strongly suspect that Isaac enjoys his bath more, the more wet Dad gets.
  • I've noticed that when Matthew asks me questions ("is today fast Sunday?"), he asks Rachel the same question later. Just to be sure.
  • Rachel is chuckling satisfied chuckles as she stomps the Darlok in a game of Master of Orion. (The first one, via DosBox.)
  • I used to think my dad was kind of foolish, to not be able to keep his kids' names straight. I have half as many kids, but I still mix them up.
  • Melissa: "Pink and blue make purple. And pink and purple are friends!"
  • Me: "I didn't know that." Rachel: "Matthew did. Because I taught him."
  • Called someone for our 8:30 interview; turned out it was supposed to be 8:30 PDT (10:30 here). Pretty sure I woke her up. (She ended up accepting the offer, so I guess the damage wasn't severe.)
  • Matthew set an alarm on the kids' computer, but he doesn't know how to turn it off. He's been hitting snooze every 10 minutes for the last hour.
  • Rachel is right about me needing to wear a hat in the sun. Ouch. On the bright side, the top of your head is about the best possible place to get sunburned. If you burn over a joint, every time you move it there is pain. Your scalp is pretty immobile, and you don't have to put clothes on top of it.
  • Somehow Matthew cut himself emptying the dishwasher tonight. It was broad and fairly shallow but it bled impressively. Matthew howled and howled like he had cut the whole finger off while I pressed the edges together so Rachel could glue it. Even then he kept moaning so much that we both laughed at him. I think Isaac would have taken it better, frankly.
  • Planned to keep my shirt on at the beach but had to take kids out in the ocean. "I'll take my shirt off to keep it dry," I thought. I ended up sunburned AND with a wet shirt, because it's actually impossible to keep a shirt dry while standing in the ocean.
  • Downside of voice recognition: can't swear at your sunburn while dictating.
  • Melissa: "The living room is so clean! Are we having guests over?"
  • Me: "Matthew's a smart cookie. Takes after his mom." Rachel: "And his dad. His dad's smart too." Matthew: "Sometimes."
  • CRASH. Rachel: "Did you break the plate?" Melissa: "No... Just a little broken."
  • The bad news is, I dropped a popsicle on my keyboard. The good news is, at least it wasn't poop. Yeah, it was that kind of night.
  • Melissa's feelings on soccer: "Matthew's lucky. He doesn't have to go to soccer today. He gets to play with all his friends instead."

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