Tuesday, July 14, 2009


  • Power Grid on BSW is a harsh mistress. Three games out of four, someone has mis-clicked on their first turn and not bought any resources.
  • Melissa, discussing breakfast: "Mom, Dad lets us have pudding!" Fortunately Rachel is used to my little improvisations and let it slide. This time.
  • A lot of my favorite shirts are old and fading and/or peeling. Adieu, nethack shirt, bittorrent shirt, "you are likely to be eaten by a grue" shirt. Silver lining: room for new shirts.
  • Home fireworks are banned in San Antonio (!), but we caught an excellent show at one of the air force bases. Stadium of Fire quality, with traffic to match. We parked a mile outside the park proper and still took 20 minutes to fight our way to the highway.
  • Things I do that bug my wife: "Call Melissa to the table," she will tell me. "Melissa, come to the table!" I holler. This is not what she wanted: "If I wanted to yell for her, I could have done that myself." My father did this to my mom, too.
  • Matthew: "Franco says I'm not his friend anymore." Rachel: "Then play with your sister. She's your friend." Matthew: "Not if she likes Franco!"
  • Matthew lost his fifth tooth. He said, "Oh! I think this one's ready to come out now," put his hand in his mouth, twisted, and pulled out a tooth. Rachel and I didn't even know it was loose. Way less drama than his first tooth. We heard about that one for weeks before it finally came out.
  • Minivan wouldn't start. Jumped it and took it to a mechanic to have the alternator / battery checked. "Everything looks fine; probably one of your kids left a light on." Oops.
  • A friend gave Melissa a pink BYU shirt. She loves it: it's pink, it has a cute cat on it, and she can read it All By Herself. The other day she came down the stairs to breakfast wearing her shirt and chanting, "B Y U! Nonnynona chu! B Y U! Nonnynona chu!" I thought maybe I wasn't hearing things right, but she was just making up her own cheer.

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