Monday, July 13, 2009

He Broke It

Took Matthew to a clinic to get his arm looked at again. The original radiologist report didn't find a fracture, but a week post injury he was still in quite a bit of pain if he moved his arm, and it was still a bit swollen and warm to the touch. I heard from a radiologist friend that elbow fractures can take up to a week to show up on x-ray. We kept it in the splint except for bath times and he did fine as long as it wasn't moved much. In the splint he has no problem.

The doc sent us to a radiologist office where they x-rayed it again. This was on Friday. Heard back today that he had a fracture in the growth plate in his elbow. I thought something was up!

This hasn't slowed him down much, however. "Can I climb the tree, Mom? How about just half-way up? Pleeease? How 'bout I climb up the shelves and get that for you?" I have to remind him to slow down as he tears through the house chasing his sister and friends.

The last thing he needs is a matching set of bummed up elbows.


ClevelandRocks said...

Poor Matthew! does he get a cast, or just a splint?

Family of 5 said...

bummer! he'll heal fast though!