Friday, July 17, 2009

Matthew's Cast

Matthew got his new cast on Thursday. "Mom, it's not my new cast, it's my first cast." Oh, I stand corrected. Wait a second...first cast? Just how many is he planning!?

As we left the orthopedics office (with way cool x-rays in hand), Matthew caught a glimpse of himself in the window. He walked back to admire his reflection. "My cast looks awesome!" Yes he's hot stuff.

When I got the camera to take a picture of him he insisted on taking off his shirt so that his cast could be seen more clearly. Melissa naturally wants to do whatever Matthew does, so she took off her shirt too to be in the picture.

Cast technology has sure improved since I was a kid. They now have waterproof casts. That's right waterproof. He can get in the tub and go to the pool without worrying about keeping it dry. Lucky kid.

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