Thursday, March 26, 2009

This child needs to sleep better

He's been awake roughly 4-5 times and up since a little before 5 AM. This is where Daddy usually takes over and lets me rest while he gets Isaac back to sleep.

Daddy's out of town.

First I fed him, but he remained restless. I'm a pretty sound sleeper, but even I can't sleep with a squirmy baby kicking me and rolling around. So I wrapped him up and put him in his bed. He started crying. Sigh. I rocked him and he settled down and fell asleep. When placed back in his bed, full throttle crying ensued with his fists waving angrily. I picked him up and held him while rubbing his back. He calmed down and silently thrashed around for a bit, then tried to nurse. Sorry kiddo, you've eaten, you're full, the girls are empty, and I'm done. I'm NOT an all night buffet. Sorry. Exhausted, I tried putting him in his own bed while patting him, but he just cried louder. So I am singing (a tired tuneless song). He doesn't seem to mind the mediocre performance. Right now he is quiet in his bed and not tossing much. *Music* calms the savage pumpkin.

It's been over an hour of this and Mommy is beat. Matthew will be up in less than an hour to get ready for school.


I miss Jonathan when he is out of town!

[Update: 6:10 I think he's going to sleep...signing off.]

[Update 2: Well rats! He went back to sleep, but I couldn't.]

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