Sunday, March 15, 2009

Close to home

I had some extra time this morning -- Isaac was sleeping and we didn't have to get Melissa or Rachel ready for church -- and I was leafing through a Calvin & Hobbes book. For a guy with no kids himself, Watterson sure nails six year old boys. Of course some things are mixed in from older ages, but the resemblance is eerie. I read them out loud, substituting "Matthew" for "Calvin," and Rachel and I laughed hysterically. (Matthew didn't approve, of course. He does not think he is funny, at all.)

Like Calvin, Matthew is prone to exaggeration. "Never" and "anything" are very popular with him. So is "always."

Rachel and I refer to this one whenever the kids are "tired sick" (as opposed to "moaning and yelling sick"). Like Melissa today.

And when Matthew gets a shot, it goes remarkably like this. Only with less aggression and more tears.

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Rachel Ellis said...

When Chris was about 6, Mom took us en masse to the doctor's for checkups. At first the nurse said, "Oh looks like you don't need any immunizations this time, Chris." The rest of us did though. Chris was just gloating. Then karma went into play. The nurse looked at his records more carefully and said, "Wait a minute...guess you do need a shot!"

He did not take it with good graces. "You BROKE my arm! You BROKE my arm!!!"