Saturday, October 21, 2006

Matthew takes care of Mommy

Yesterday I had another bout of mastitis. Fever, aches, sore tender breast- the works. Both kids were down for their naps so, I lied on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Matthew awoke shortly thereafter and saw me on the couch groaning.

"Why you not up?"

"Uhg"- I was not ready to take care of kids.

"Mommy is feeling sick, Mommy's head hurts." He put his little hand on my forehead.

"Your head is hot. I get you water." He then opened the dishwasher, got a glass, and filled it with water.

"Here, dis help you feel better."

"Thank you Matthew. You're a big helper." He just beamed.

Whenever he's sick I encourage him to eat, so I guess he figured I must need to eat too. After giving me water, he got into the refrigerator and grabbed a yogurt and spoon.

"Here Mama!"

To further help Mama, he decided to empty the dishwasher. Since he can't reach the cupboards where the dishes go, he put them all on the counter. "Matthew help Mama feel better!" Pretty sweet. He even cleaned his room without complaint. My little boy is growing up!

Today I'm feeling much better- but I'm still taking it easy. I've had real nasty cases of mastitis and don't want to tempt fate.


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