Friday, October 27, 2006

...and after Thursday comes Friday...

One of Matthew's favorite topics of conversations lately is "what comes next?" Everyday he wants to know what day it is and what comes next, so we cycle throught the weekdays a few times until I'm tired of the topic. He, on the other hand, has NEVER tired of dicussing the days before I do. He also likes to talk about the activities that happen on particular days. Tuesday is the library and the park (if it's nice), Friday is gym class day, Saturday is soccer, Sunday is church, on Monday Daddy goes back to work...etc.

At dinner tonight he started up: "After Friday comes Saturday"

Jonathan got excited, "Did you know he knew the order of the days of the week?"

I figured he just got lucky.

"...and after Saturday comes Sunday..."

Hmm. I guess he does!

"...and after Sunday comes Monday..."

He got a little tripped up on Tuesday, but not too bad I think. The child has an impressive memory. He can tell you about cuts and bruises that happened months ago, and tells stories in precise detail about events long past. He even remembers holidays from a year ago!

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