Friday, October 06, 2006

Daddy's big girl, part 2

We ate at Winger's tonight. There were fries, and Melissa stretched out hers to dip in imaginary sauce, but there wasn't any. Just blue cheese sauce for the wings, placed far away from her.

She was happy with that for a while, because she had crayons in a little metal bucket and a kids menu to draw on. She loves drawing. It held her attention almost the entire meal. Even Dad and Mom sneaking food into her mouth was only barely tolerated.

But when she had enough of drawing, she demanded to get out of her high chair. I picked her up, but I was farther from the blue cheese, so she demanded I put her down too. She climbed over next to her mom and the blue cheese, appropriated some fries, and started dipping away.

Rachel was sure that she wouldn't like the blue cheese, but she proceeded with gusto. I'm so proud.

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