Sunday, October 11, 2015

September Peanuts

  • I sent Corinna to change out of the dress that was two sizes too small for her. She didn't want to change, so she hid. I looked for her and called for her for half an hour. Nothing. I started to worry that she had run off. As a last ditch effort before waking up Rachel and calling the police, I called out, "Corinna! I'm going to McDonald's!" Two minutes later she appeared behind me. "Where were you?" I asked. "In my room." "Where?" She showed me a space in her closet. I had looked there twice.
  • It was dark in the kitchen. I didn't need the lights to wash my hands. Then I dried them on whatever piece of cloth was nearby. "Wow," I remarked to Rachel. "I don't know what I just dried my hands on, but it sure was dirty." I washed them again. Then I turned the light on. It was one of Matthew's socks.
  • I'm supposed to help Isaac study for his spelling test.
    Me: "Confiture."
    Isaac: "It's too hard. I can't spell it."
    Me: "Sound it out. Con. Fi. Ture."
    Isaac: "It's too hard."
    Me: "Okay. Study some more and call me when you're ready to try again."
    Isaac: breaks down in tears.
  • Isaac: "We'll start our own clan. You can be the chef." Matthew: "Why would I want to be the chef?" Isaac: "You can be the leader." Nice to see him mixing some French in with his English for a change. Usually it's the other way around.

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