Sunday, October 11, 2015

August Peanuts

  • David: "You are starting to look like a weight lifter. I can see muscles under your gut."
  • Isaac: "You got me *books* for my birthday?" He was not pleased. Melissa: "Ooh! Can I read that one?" Isaac: "No, it's mine. You can read it tomorrow." He sat down and started reading.
  • It's fun seeing Dad get excited about math. Today he showed Matthew how to prove the square root of two is irrational.
  • Rachel took Corinna out for a haircut. The salon had Frozen on screen for the kids, so Corinna was willing to sit still. When it was over, she looked in the mirror. "Mom! I wanted BLUE hair!"
  • Dad on Matthew, and public schools: "Matthew's a smart kid. But he's not used to thinking hard."
  • Tommy (17 months) is amusing himself this morning by opening childproof bottles. That is why our living room carpet smells like Nyquil.
  • Tommy's trying to connect his lego-like toy together. "Nee how!" [need help] I help him connect the pieces. "Ta-da!"
  • Isaac: there's nothing wrong with my eyes. It's just that the letters were too small. And blurry.
  • Homeschool with Grandpa update: Matthew (7th grade) is studying first year college chemistry. Melissa (5th grade) is learning to draw and to use a sewing machine. They are both studying math and history and French as well.
  • Grandma and Grandpa are in Nevada for Telitha's new baby. They left assignments for Matthew and Melissa to work on while they are gone this week. Rachel told Matthew and Melissa to do an hour of weeding in the garden first thing before it gets too hot. They started a fight over who got to weed which patch. Melissa broke down completely into an angry shrieking puddle of stubborn. So I put her in the garage where she is yelling loud enough that Rachel, on the phone with me, can hear her. Ladies and gentlemen, the dark side of homeschooling.

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