Sunday, October 11, 2015

July Peanuts

  • 3 AM, first night in Washington. Woke up to Tommy crying. Grandma beat me to it and was rocking him. I took him to Rachel and went back to bed. Moments later I heard running, then puking. Wonderful. On the bright side, alone among our kids, Melissa made it to the bathroom. But not to the toilet. I got to clean it up with a hand towel, multipurpose cleaner, and baby wipes because that was all I could find in Grandma's house. Then Rachel made a second pass with paper towels and bleach.
  • "Atomic" came on the radio at the gym. Me: Did you realize that Debbie Harry is 70? Chris: Who is Debbie Harry?
  • The men are running the nursery in the Sinden ward. Activities include catching the tickle monster and feeding Bob the barfing racoon. The kids love it. Also airplane races: "Everyone put your arms up and make airplane noises!"
  •  Kirsti scored 8 on her turn in Small World. Next turn, Brian scored 4. Melissa: "Wow, Kirsti. You're really good at this compared to Brian."
  •  I put my laptop on the floor for about ten seconds while I dragged Corinna to the pantry for time out. When I got back Tommy had both hands on the keyboard and chrome was displaying the spinny beach ball of death. I had to force quit it. I should offer his services to Google's QA team.
  •  Grandma: "Go change your shirt, Isaac. You've got oatmeal on that one." Isaac starts wiping the oatmeal off his shirt (and onto the carpet). Grandma: "Don't wipe it on the floor!" Isaac, still wiping it on the floor: "I didn't do it!"
  •  Corinna: "Je veux regarder Frozen!" [I want to watch Frozen!] Me: "Not until Grandma gets back." Corinna, sings to the tune of *Do you wanna build a snowman*: "Je peux regarder Frozen?"
  • Tommy's vocabulary at almost 17 months: Bye Ball Dad Shoes Hot Mama Ow Dog.
  • Rachel fixed the printer tonight. "That's why you married me: to fix hardware problems."
  • My mother showed Melissa our high school graduation photos. She didn't recognize me.
  • I told Isaac he needed to eat something else for breakfast besides chocolate chip muffin.
    He looked around the fridge for something low-effort. "I'll have an apple." He pulled out one of Grandma Ellis's Red Deliciouses. I cut it up for him. After a few bites, he made a face. "There's something wrong with this apple. It's juicy, but it doesn't taste right." The only thing wrong with it was that it was a Red Delicious. I made him finish it. Rachel says that was harsher than she would have been.
  • Melissa, to Isaac: "... someday, when you are older, I will sit on your shoulders and fart."
  • Isaac hated "Inside Out," and said so half a dozen times during the showing--loudly. He doesn't want his cartoons to teach him anything. I loved it.
  • Took Isaac to the optometrist. Turns out he is nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other.

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