Wednesday, September 17, 2014

June + July peanuts

  • I told Matthew we would open our new XBox One when he finished the "Intro to JS" Kahn Academy challenges. Done in a weekend.
  • Me: "The CEO doesn't usually ask my advice on how to soothe ruffled salespeople." Rachel: "That's probably just as well."
  • It's basically impossible to get soiled panties off of a sleeping three year old without getting poop on your hands.
  • Isaac, looking at family pictures from when Matthew was born: "Why you have longer hair one time?"
  • Rachel: "Is something wrong?" Me: "Not really. Someone from work is asking me for advice on being tactful." Rachel: "WHAT?"
  • Rachel bought the kids the Frozen soundtrack, aka "Let it Go: the Music Video." I kind of wish she hadn't.
  • Saw Matthew and Melissa off at the airport to Grandma's in Washington. Agent: "What are you going to do with your time with the kids gone?" Me: "I have three more at home." Cue dropped jaws.
  • Isaac: "Can you give me a squeeze hug?" I gave him a bear hug. Isaac: "No, I mean the one that clinks." I thought for a second, then I popped his back. Isaac: "Clink!"
  • Today's Sunday school lesson on Samson saw cameos from The Lord of the Rings *and* Calvin and Hobbes. I think I win.
  • Corinna: "I go pee pee!" Me: "Au VC?" [in the bathroom?] Corinna: "In the grass!" Isaac: "Mommy said, Go outside!"
  • Corinna: "I want froggies!" [leapfrog cartoons] Rachel: "Then why'd you put it on Ponies?" "I want froggies!" "You have no idea what you're doing." Me: "Why are you arguing with a three year old?"

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