Monday, September 01, 2014

Concert fail

I was pleased with myself when BandsInTown notified my that Bishop Allen would be playing Saturday night. I got tickets well in advance, Rachel arranged a babysitter, and it was a date! 9:00 start time meant we had plenty of time for a dinner downtown first.

That was the last thing that went right. We got to the venue (read: bar) shortly after 8:30. The band was warming up inside, but they weren't letting anyone in yet. We crossed under the overpass to get some cold water from a convenience store, and circled back to find it open.

9:00. 9:30. 10:00 passed. Still no band. No air conditioning or chairs, either. We gave them a few minutes for good measure, then called Uber to drive us back to where our car was parked, and headed home. (From Twitter, it looks like Bishop Allen ended up taking the stage at about 11:30, with some opening act a little before that.)

On the bright side, Melissa had a good night: Uncle David and Aunt Dielha took her to a Brazilian music festival. She had a great time dancing.

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