Friday, August 02, 2013

Melissa's talk

Melissa got to give a short talk in Sunday School recently.  She likes to give talks; she has the full attention of everyone in the room!  I had her write the talk herself, and only restructured what she said a bit to make it more coherent.


Family is forever.  Our family is forever because our parents were married in the temple.

A week ago, we visited my grandparents.  We had a lot of fun setting off fireworks for the Fourth of July.  Grandma has two German Shepherds and twelve chickens and two cows.  We would have family prayer every night with Grandma and Grandpa.  They are Mommy's parents.  They raised Mommy the way she is raising me.

Being a family is important because without a mom and dad you would be lonely on earth.  That's why we have a family.  Our family helps guide us through life.  Without a family, how would we have Family Home Evening?  When we pray and talk about Jesus Christ as a family, it helps us get closer to Heavenly Father.

For family home evening, we sing songs and also we have a dessert. But that is not my favorite part.  My favorite is feeling the spirit. Before I was baptized we had a special lesson on baptism.  I learned that without baptism, you wouldn't be able to go back to Heavenly Father and be with your family in heaven.

I'm thankful for Family Home Evening and that families are forever.

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