Monday, July 22, 2013

"Identity theft"

Corinna likes Rachel's wallet. She likes it a lot.  We're only modestly successful in keeping out of her reach, but we bat 100 at recovering it quickly, since once she has it there is an explosion of cards and receipts and everything in the wallet all over in very short order.

Until last week.

Last week, I was in California for a board meeting.  Rachel had our regular sitter over on Wednesday night.  Since we couldn't go on a date, her plan was to get a massage and take a break from the kids.

But as she headed out the door, she realized her wallet was missing.  Besides the small matter of driving without a license, how was she going to pay for the massage?

Rachel and the sitter looked all over and could not find it.  Corinna must have taken it, but what did she do with it?

Eventually they gave up and Rachel retired sullenly to our bedroom.  At least she was going to get a break from the kids.

Then the sitter saw Corinna playing with a dollar bill.  "Where did you get that, little one?"  Corinna led her to Isaac's lunch box.  Inside the lunch box was the missing wallet.


Renee said...

sneaking little sticky fingers!

Adrasteia said...

Was a massage had after all, or was it too late at that point? I hope Mom got some well-deserved pampering!

Jonathan Ellis said...

It was too late. She did get a massage a few days later when I got back from my trip.