Sunday, July 07, 2013

Tacoma Children's Museum

Thursday afternoon I took the kids to the museum after Corinna's brief nap. Brian was off work early, so he came, and he volunteered Chris to come too.

There were four main areas to the museum: a sort of indoor tree house, a water play area, a pneumatic wall installation that you could put balls and scarves through, and an art room. The water area was by far the biggest hit with my kids.

(Both I and the staff tried to get Melissa into one of the "lab coats," but she was on the small side and kept shrugging it off. She went home wet but happy.)

In the last picture you can see Matthew's Dam of Ducks. Brian suggested to him that the water source would be much more amusing if it were overflowing, and that the plentiful ducks might be able to be crammed into the ports to achieve this goal.

Brian would also like the record to show that I'm dam proud of that kid.

All went well until it was time to leave, and Isaac noticed the art room. I had to drag him to the car, wailing "I want to draw!" Alas, the only parking spot we found was two-hour street parking, so we were on the clock.




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Grant Ellis said...

Because it took me a while to see how he did it: there are ducks in the spouts.