Saturday, November 24, 2012

Isaac solves a problem

At the park with the two youngest this morning. Isaac: "I nee' doh potty." "I think the bathrooms here are closed. We'll have to go home." "I don' wan' doh home." "We may not have a choice. Let's have a look." We rounded the corner and sure enough they were locked. I didn't have a keycard. I turned around to give Isaac the bad news. His pants were around his ankles. I thought at first that he had just gotten ahead of himself a bit -- at home, he frequently takes his pants off first, THEN runs to the bathroom. But then I saw a sparkle in the sunlight that wasn't dew on the grass. And Isaac let a second stream go. (Rachel's commentary, later: "Sometimes it's good to be a boy.")

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Matthew Ellis said...

Isaac is next to me right now and I tell him what I read. He grins and giggles "I got go". :)