Friday, November 30, 2012

18 Months

In the last six months Corinna has changed from being a "baby" to one of the pack.  She considers herself one of the big kids around and mimics them in play.  She has the Sinden climbing gene which she uses to find various mischief around the house.  

Corinna vocabulary has grown!  She now says hot, stinky, Isaac, Matthew, Mmm!, hi, uh oh, Mama, and bye.  Jonathan has been trying to get her to say Dada, but she smiles, pats him and says Mama!  She thinks she has a hairy mama who is full of play, and a smooth faced mama who nurses her and is great for snuggles. 

In the last few weeks Corinna has started singing.  In church she babbles in a sing-song voice during the hymns.  She loves ring-around-the-rosy and sings the "ashes, ashes" part.  At the all fall down part she laughs and laughs.  She also enjoys "Wheels on the Bus," and will initiate the song by rolling her arms.

It is difficult to believe 18 months have already passed.  She is our funny, happy Bubbles and she adds such joy in our home. 

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