Monday, September 03, 2012

The First Week of School

They mistakenly put me in Mr. Shore's class!! Mr. Shore is nice, which is what me me sad when I had to switch to Mr. Grubb's. All the T-A-G, talented and gifted, I like to think of it as " tacos are good ", students go to Mr. Grubb's class. On the third day of  school I had  to switch to   Mr. Grubb's class. I had some fun at first, then I went to lunch. There was this kid which is a Calvin and Hobbes MASTERMIND., Like me, Matthew., Also Mr. Grubb's lunch is scheduled closer to my friends lunch time, which means that we have more time to play at recess. Recess = the most important part of the day. Recces comes right after lunch. I had music twice this week because Mr. Shore's schedule is different then Mr. Grubb's. Mr. Grubb Is funny. I think, no I know this is going to be a good year.

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