Sunday, September 09, 2012

July Peanuts

  • Rachel's dad took Matthew and Melissa fishing. They caught seven rainbow trout. Melissa: "Which was was the prettiest? I think it was one of mine."
  • Described Ammon in gospel doctrine class as "missionary and badass." Rachel didn't appreciate this contribution to the discussion.
  • Took the kids to McDonalds for breakfast. After eating his pancakes, Matthew disposed of his leftover syrup by drinking it.
  • Isaac was impressed with the foam he stirred up in the toilet. He made up a song: "Bubble pee, bubble pee. Bubble pee, in the potty..."
  • Rachel, on returning to the house and seeing the state I left it in: "Jonathan, if anything should ever happen to me, I have some advice for you: hire a housekeeper."
  • Corinna has plenty of toys, but her favorite is the empty Altoids tin.
  • I put Isaac to bed. He wanted his blankey. I found it in the dryer. He snuggled up to it happily, saying, "CLEAN blankey!" Then I tucked him in. "I sleep now. Door open!" I left the door open, and he went to sleep. This was a long conversation, for Isaac.
  • Rachel started reading "Michael Rosen's ABC" to Isaac. He got a huge kick out of finding the ants on each page. (Rachel: "If I told him there were also zebras we'd never get through this.") Rachel read through N and called it a night. Ten minutes later, from Isaac's room: "Mommy! I found ants!"
  • Me: "When Corinna is good, she is made of sugar and spice and everything nice." Melissa: "Yeah. That's what girls are made of!"
  • Rachel: "Your team-building exercise [sailing] could be worse. You could be going camping."
  • "Matthew, you ought to be able to wipe off the table before needing a bathroom break."
  • Following Corinna as she toddles around the house happily, pulling treasures out of Mom's purse and throwing them on the floor. At least she's not pulling books off the shelf.
  • Jeremy: "Now Jonathan has a whole organization to filter what he says before it reaches the customer." This is a good thing for everyone concerned.
  • Rachel cooked salmon for dinner. Matthew: "You know what you should do, Mom? You should get Grandma's salmon recipe."
  • Matthew: "Mom, why do my pants smell bad?"
  • Isaac: "I play game?" Rachel: "You need to clean your room first." Isaac: "I did clean room!" Rachel: "Look, it's still a mess!" Isaac: "Matthew mess!" He learns fast.
  • Corinna no longer tries to grab a handful of poop every time I change her diaper. This is progress.
  • Isaac left the dinner table. Corinna took that as an invitation and climbed into his seat, where she started eating his french fries. Lip-smackingly good! Isaac was indignant. "No, baby! No eat!"
  • Our new HOA prohibits oil drilling on our property. Those fascists.

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