Sunday, September 09, 2012

Brian Graduates Basic

Brian, the day I dropped him off at the airport to start Basic back in July.

And 2 months later.  
Here he comes marching!  Brian is in the last flight towards the front.

Brian and Kirsti

Dad taking the picture. 
I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get any pictures of Dad and Brian together in uniform.  In my haste that morning I left my camera at home.  When Brian gets his wings I will for sure have my camera and take pictures.

Matthew and Melissa discovered a cotton candy machine at the Base PX.

They thought it was one of the greatest inventions ever!

At the Filipino restaurant.  The food was authentic, which means the fish my Dad ordered looked was a whole fried fish looking back at us.  We didn't mind, but Mom kept teasing Kirsti with it. Still the food and company were great!  Brian looked so happy to be off Base.

Later that day we played at the Witte Museum.  

I love San Antonio.  It felt great to be "home" for a day.  

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Kirsti Sinden said...

that was a great weekend!