Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mercer Island with Cousins!

Aunt Telitha and Uncle Nolan have a wonderful backyard for children to play.  While out there, they decided that the mud and drizzle weren't enough and what was really needed was the hose in order to make moats.

Matthew and James playing  jedi knights.  Those two played very well together, but their play was punctuated by bitter, bitter arguments.  Matthew and James are both determined stubborn firstborns, accustomed to being right, and having their own way; naturally sparks did fly.  After the second day though, they were pals again.

Mark and Isaac got along like peanut butter and jelly right from the start.  They stuck together like best friends forever.  Those two impish boys are kindred spirits.  Isaac still asks about "my friend Mark" just about everyday.  "I play with Mark?"

Cousin James had basketball practice during the mornings, so while the Walthers were busy, the kids and I checked out the Bellvue Children's Museum.  These were taken with my cell phone, so they aren't very good.  
Matthew built a pipe structure that connected the two pools of water together.  He recruited some other kids to help and was immensely pleased with himself when he finished.  

The museum was overpriced in my estimation, but the kids had a ball and didn't want to leave when it was time to go.  I had to bribe them with Bubble Tea (large tapioca balls in a fruit slushy).  

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