Thursday, July 05, 2012

Isaac makes his move

IMAG0209 by jbellis
IMAG0209, a photo by jbellis on Flickr.

Isaac made sure to close the gate behind him so the dogs wouldn't get out. Then he took off down the road towards freedom, and towards Grandpa.

Ten minutes earlier, Grandpa took Matthew and Uncle Chris and Chris's friend Erica to buy fireworks from the Indian reservation. (They have better fireworks at the reservation that aren't, technically, legal off of it.)

These were Isaac's best playmates. Erica in particular had been playing frisbee with him. He was heartbroken. He sat down in the driveway where they'd left him and wailed and wailed.

When he left, I called him back. Then I dragged him back when he ignored me, and got him interested in the rope swings. I don't know what he would have done when he got to the fork in the road. And of course he couldn't catch a car on his three year old legs. But he was going to try.

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