Saturday, July 28, 2012

Matthew writes Uncle Brian

(I've added paragraphs but retained Matthew's spelling.)

Dear Uncle Brain,

How are you today?

When I play Starcraft It says Brain Sinden is online. Who is that? Is that Kirsti? When I asked I got no answer.

So what is it like there? 

At Grandma's house I got to play with a boy named Caleb. We got squirt guns and had a water gun war. ( I had a secret wepon, the hose ) It was hard because I squirt him at the eyes by mistake then he did squirted me in the eyes  by mistake because he could not see.

I get to go to Barton Spring with Spencer! We get to go swimming and see turtles ( maybe fish ) ! ;) This person is winking -_-   -_= +_+  +_= ( hall of silly faces ) I hope you are having a good time.

Much love,


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