Sunday, June 03, 2012

Corinna's birthday party

[Matthew's first Savage Peanut post]

Yesterday at Corinna's 1st birthday party, she found the presents early and carried them all over the place.

When we left the house to go to Springwoods park and Gwendolyn was climbing everything! She was climbing a pile of plastic  rocks over and over and over again. Every time she got up she would wander around on the playground then go down the slide

We left the park and went back to the house, were we had the cake. We had trouble keeping Corinna out of the cake, whenever we pushed the cake towards her she would try to stick her hand in it!

After we finished singing Happy Birthday To You we gave Corinna a cupcake to eat and instantly she pulled the plate up closer to her and in fifteen seconds she was stuffing frosting and cake in her mouth! There was frosting EVERYWHERE! I got the daring spot because she tried ( and almost succeeded ) to wipe her hands on me. :)  When the cupcake was gone, we gave Corinna a small slice of birthday cake to eat too.  I turned my head around to talk to Melissa, and in about ten seconds I look back at Corinna and the cake is Gone!

Corinna had a blast at her 1st birthday party.

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Telitha said...

Great post, Matthew!