Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding Weekend part 3

After the wedding it was onward back to Austin for the reception that night.  Along the way we stopped at the Blue Bell factory for some ice cream.  For the uninitiated, Blue Bell makes a wonderful rich, creamy ice cream and it is extremely popular here in Texas where it all started.  Unfortunately it is only available in certain southern states.  Andrea, Jeremy, Gwendolyn, Grandma, Grandpa, Chris, and Chris's friend Brad joined us for $1 a scoop ice cream.  A lady also gave out free big bsample scoops of a new flavor, Red Velvet, delicious!

The kids had as much ice cream as their tummies could hold for lunch and they thought that was a pretty good deal. We thought about going on the tour, but decided Bubbles wasn't up for the 45 minutes it would take.  Maybe next time.

That night was the reception.

Melissa took it upon herself to be the unofficial holder of the bridal train.

Melissa begged Matthew to dance with her.  He finally obliged to her delight.

Uncle Brian dancing with Melissa.

Uncle Brian dancing with Melissa and Isaac.

Then Isaac dragged me to the dance floor, while Melissa danced with Brad.

Isaac with the bride and groom:

Pictures I wished I'd taken but either didn't have my camera with me at the time or forgot:  Isaac dancing with "my Kirsti,"  Kirsti and Brian dancing, Isaac feeding Kirsti carrots, Matthew helping with the food in the kitchen prior to the reception, the beautiful bouquets and flowers, and Isaac finding cheesecake for grandma and feeding her.  

We stayed until the kids got were thoroughly exhausted and then bid one and all adieu and retired for the night.   


Telitha said...

Beautiful bride, beautiful family! Congrats!

Adrasteia said...

Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. Can't believe Brian's old enough to be getting married... I remember him being so little while you and I were in high school. I guess we're getting old!

locknkeyangel said...

i love those pictures! Melissa was such a good dress helper!

Rachel Ellis said...

I guess we are, Taryn!