Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding Weekend part 2

Friday morning the children got up bright and early.  Jonathan took them to the hotel breakfast and let me doze.  This is another reason the kids think hotels are awesome; unlimited sugar cereal and danish pastries.  We got everyone dressed in their Sunday best, the bags packed, and ready to go.  At the last minute I heard, "Did you pack my shoes?"  "Um, no, I thought you did."  Well crumb, Jonathan left his Sunday shoes behind.  We timed our departure to arrive just in time to the temple and didn't have enough wiggle room to stop by the store on the way.  Still I think we did pretty well.  All the kids had their clothes, toothbrushes, and the essential Isaac blankie, not to mention that we arrived in Houston with all 4 children accounted for- so all in all not too shabby.

The morning was beautiful, a perfect day for a wedding.  We were planning on smooth sailing, that is until we got a distressed call from Andrea.  Apparently our sitters for our children and her daughter bailed on us, leaving us with no one to watch them during the sealing in the temple.  Jonathan graciously offered to stay with the kids so that was the new plan.  Then we heard that a lady in the local Young Women's presidency might be able to watch them if she could arrive in time.

Meanwhile I went up to the sealing room while Jonathan waited with the kids.  Just in the nick of time he showed up escorted by a temple worker.  Then the beautiful bride and handsome groom entered.  They looked radiant!

And so a new family was made.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Sinden.

After the sealing Jonathan weighed his options.  Would it be worse to show up in photos with sandals or make a quick run to go get dress shoes.  Which option would put him in the least amount of trouble?  Brides usually take awhile to finish changing and making preparations, so he opted to make a run for it.  As it turns out it probably would have been better to stick around.  The photographer insisted on a group photo fairly early on and positioned everyone, and so we waited a few minutes.  As it turns out, he was in the back of the group anyway.  Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.  

The Groom and Bride with the parents.

Daddy and Bubbles making faces

My lovely sister, Aunt Andrea

Mom and Dad (aka Grandma and Grandpa)

Uncle Jeremy and Uncle Chris keeping watch over Gwendolyn

One of many action shots I took of Corinna.

Trying to climb into the fountain.

Chris, Brian, and friend Brad who flew into town.

He's looking pretty happy!

This is how we got the small people to hold still while pictures were taking place.  
Before we pulled out the games, Isaac made a beeline for the flower beds and lickety-split picked two flowers for Kirsti before we could catch him.  Kirsti graciously accepted his flowers and placed them in her bouquet.  Then we collered him and found something else for him to do!

Melissa in her fancy dress.  

Isaac with his Uncle and new Aunt.

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