Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Uncle Brian

Uncle Brian has been in town the last month!  While here, we celebrated his birthday and have had fun hanging out together.  The kids think he is the greatest thing since PB&J.  Uncle Brian has a friend, Kirsti, with whom Isaac is quite taken.  By all indications, Brian is quite taken with her too!  We've enjoyed the opportunity to get to know her, and hopefully haven't scared her away with our nuttiness. 

Both of them watched the kids while Jonathan and I went to a concert one evening.  It was fabulous to be on a date again.  We've decided that we should do that more often.  Corinna, on the other hand, was in a full throttle meltdown towards the end of the evening so we'll have to see...  Uncle Brian took her for a drive to soothe her; he was a good sport about it all. 

Jonathan just got back from a trip to Belgium, and Brian stayed with us to help out while Jonathan was gone.  It was nice to have an extra set of hands.  I have to say, it is just fun to be with him.  We laugh at the same things and enjoy well-worn stories and games.  He has an impish, teasing personality that compliments mine, and I am very glad to have him as my brother and friend. 

 He will be leaving in a few days, and I will really miss him. 

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