Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A second call from the principal's office

I received a message on my phone from the school.  Oh. Crumb.  The vice principal said, "I have Melissa here in my office, Melissa can you tell your parents why you are here?"  Uh oh, I thought, not again!

"I got a pioneer pride award!" 


Here's the back story:  The week before she and a special-needs girl accidentally collided on the playground.  The other girl thought it was on purpose and took it personally.  She started scratching and attacking Melissa.  I received a call from the school nurse, Melissa was quite frightened, but not seriously injured.  That is the last I heard of it until, Melissa decided to befriend the girl.  She introduced her to her circle of friends, they played together, and Melissa was kind to her. The aid assigned to the other child noticed what was going on and nominated her for an award.  Melissa said it was a bit scary at first, but then she had fun.

That's my girl!  She has a big heart and is a friend to everyone. 

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