Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning Matthew and Melissa were giddy with the prospect of Valentine's treats later at their class parties. 

I took Isaac to his classroom this morning which was festively decorated.  As soon as we got there he broke down in tears.  Ms. Diane told him about the cookies they would decorate and the party.  I gave him a big hug and kiss, smiled, told him to have a good time, and walked out. 

Then I teared up in the car.

I know he'll have a good time after he gets over the initial sadness. 

I will go to Matthew's party later this afternoon because he still wants me there (aww), and I was with Melissa's class for Christmas.  Also, there will be a chocolate fountain with fresh strawberries in his class.


Adrasteia said...

Awwww. The chocolate fountain and strawberries sound great! Man, I don't remember anything that good when we were in grade school... I think we got Rice Krispie treats and homemade valentines. Kids these days, all super fancy.

Rachel Ellis said...

I know! I remember perforated cards and cookies or cupcakes at the class parties when I was in elementary school. Matthew's class had a cheese and cracker tray, fruit platter, veggie platter, chips, fat pretzel sticks, angel food cake chunks, sweet strawberries almost as big as my fist, and marshmallows for dipping. It was an impressive spread.


Not sure who enjoyed the chocolate fountain more, the parents or the kids.