Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snapshots from Christmas break

Grandma Ellis sent us a big box for Christmas and told us to go ahead and open a bit early.  So we opened it on a day the boys were bored and Melissa sick and feeling just a bit sorry for herself.  Inside were wonderful treasures.

Isaac found a cape and a light up gun.  PERFECT for a super hero!

He raced through the house fighting "bad guys" and big brothers.

"Where's Matthew?"

 "There he is!"

Run, Matthew, run!

 "Bang! I shoot Matthew!"

 Got 'im!
 This game seriously entertained the boys for over 45 minutes.  It was loud, it was wild, and they were happy.

Grandma thought of Melissa too, and she received a zhu zhu pet kitten which she happily snuggled on the couch.  She really was sick, poor thing.  We had a date planned for that night (sitter and all!) but had to cancel. 

Matthew got a hex bug nano from Grandma.  This absolutely delighted him, since his previous hex bug nanos had met an unfortunate end at the hands of Isaac.  Matthew now has a dorm safe in his room to keep his treasures from prying, destructive brothers.  Hopefully the legs on this hex bug last longer! 

During Christmas break we made graham cracker and gingerbread houses.  The Hannas joined us that evening. 

This year we had individual graham cracker houses so everyone could make their own and eat it without interference.  I also made one real gingerbread house that later Melissa decorated.  And then Melissa, Matthew, and Isaac promptly ate it.  Sorry, the destruction commenced before I got pictures.

Corinna enjoyed the Christmas tree.

Her casualties are scattered on the floor.

Family pictures taken after church a week before Christmas.  Matthew was just thrilled by the prospect.

They were tired and ready for lunch, but humored me...somewhat.

Sigh.  This was the best family picture we got.  Grandpa tried his best, but the kids were grumpy.

Father, son, and grandsons!

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