Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What I did today

(Aside from fixing breakfast, making lunches, playing in the park with Isaac, bathing Isaac, sweeping up a major salt spill, wiping bottoms, general pickup, mopping up melted popsicles, picking up the kids from school, and things like that.)

I ordered a dresser from Furniture Woodworks, the same place I bought Matthew's dresser from 6 years ago.  They make solid wood furniture and it is pretty sturdy stuff.  It has withstood the abuse he has inflicted upon it.  The company also ships quickly, and when I was missing a knob from the box last time, they sent a replacement immediately.  Since they don't have a high google ranking, it took me an hour to find the site. I'm keeping a copy of the link this time. 

The flat packed box:

The goal:

 Isaac woke up from his nap early.  I had extra 'help' from here on.

Isaac's new dresser, all done!

Matthew's dresser, brother to Isaac's new dresser.

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Renee said...

nice handiwork!