Sunday, April 10, 2011

March Peanuts

  • Isaac can open the fridge now. This is bad.
  • Gave Matthew a good night kiss and turned to leave. Isaac shrieked and pointed to his cheek: "Mine!" I gave Isaac a kiss too and he was happy.
  • Woke Melissa up for pre-emptive bathroom time. She never quite wakes up when I do this. "Time to get on the toilet and pee," I told her. Then I left. I came back to make sure she got back in bed, and found I needed to be more specific with step 2, "take off your underwear."
  • Me: "Who is Dan C?" Matt: "New hire." I thought it would take longer before I had that conversation.
  • Coach: "Okay, I want Daniel over to the left. Nate, play back." Melissa: "Can we play duck duck goose?"
  • I haven't trained in years, but last night I dreamed someone was harassing Rachel, so I threw him to the ground with a beautiful osotogari. Then I broke his arm, and told him, "Judo, bitch." This is your brain on testosterone.
  • Melissa: "You picked a big man, Mom."
  • Melissa on Pixar movies: "When the words are coming down, there's silly parts!"
  • Melissa: "My bottom doesn't like these pants. He's getting squished." (She was wearing Isaac's pants. I thought maybe they were supposed to be capris.)
  • Me: "They have segway tours of downtown San Antonio. That might be cool." Dad: "We'll take the segways. You can jog alongside; you need the exercise."
  • The only decent new york style pizza nearby closed (RIP Pizzabella). Guess it's a sign that we should move to Austin.
  • Melissa's friend came to see if she could play, after Melissa's second post-sandbox bath of the day. "You can play, but NOT IN THE SAND." Melissa: "I promise!" I went to get her when the pizza arrived and found her playing in the sand. I think this is Melissa's first time to be grounded.
  • Matthew: "What's this?" Me: "A red booger." "It's not a booger!" "That's what I said: snot. A booger." "DAD! It's not snot!" "Yes; snot snot." Sometimes I crack myself up.
  • Just found out Rachel has never seen a mimeograph machine. Even my wife makes me feel old.
  • Rachel: "Eighteen year olds are like puppies."
  • I love replying to unsolicited resumes with, "Great! Let's see you solve this [challenging but doable Cassandra ticket], and then we'll talk."
  • Business trip to Seattle; Thai for dinner with Telitha. Forgot that Seattle-ites don't like spicy food -- ordered the spice at a safe 3/5 but I could barely taste it; had to ask for some dried peppers to add.

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