Sunday, April 03, 2011

February peanuts

  • Dividing up McDonalds' Big Breakfast: Matthew and Melissa split the eggs and sausage. Each gets their own 3 pancakes. The only thing Isaac will eat is the hash browns. The biscuit goes in the trash.
  • Matthew and I went 4-1 in Starcraft 2 today. I'm improving; I said GG after the loss. Matthew is just pleased when he isn't dead last in all of the post-game statistics, so he almost always has something to be happy about. (As Calvin said, "The secret is low expectations.")
  • Me: "Complaining about a programmer's handwriting is almost as silly as complaining about a doctor's." Rachel: growls.
  • Tonight Isaac spurned the chicken but filled up with edamame. Go figure.
  • Bathroom forensics: Melissa leaves the light on. Matthew leaves the light on _and_ the seat up.
  • For some reason, Rachel is less than 100% sold on my brilliant idea of spending our 10th anniversary at a gaming convention.
  • Me: "If we spend our 10th anniversary hiking for two days, we are totally spending our 20th at a gaming convention." Romance!
  • Melissa on Cinderella: "How come the glass slippers didn't disappear with the rest of the magic?" That's my girl.
  • Rachel found the DataStax polo shirt I brought back from Strata. "Wow. This is terrible. Put this in the bottom of the drawer, wear the Riptano T instead."
  • I'm stubborn, but when my dad forced ice cream into my mouth when I was three I admitted it was good. Isaac spit profusely. "Duck!" [yuck]
  • Isaac is drinking a raspberry yogurt smoothie. Whenever he gets to a raspberry seed, he spits. He spits a _lot_.
  • Matthew is preaching the gospel of Google Chrome to his unenlightened, Internet Explorer-using friend Conner.
  • How picky is Isaac? He'll eat dark meat from poultry but not white.
  • Matthew: "I just about killed myself [at gymnastics]." He sounds pleased.
  • Matthew: "What's He-man?" We need to educate this boy.
  • ‎"Matthew, even Daddy thinks wiping boogers on the couch is gross."
  • Rachel to Isaac, eating an ice-cream cone: "Want some help?" Isaac: "NO."

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