Sunday, December 05, 2010

Riptano peanuts

  • I had a nightmare that I was back in Europe, paying for metered internet. Over dialup.
  • My back exploded two months ago while moving furniture. I still can't bend backwards. Odds that Rachel will succeed in making me see a doctor after I write this: 40%. (I put it that low because it I think it is getting better, very very slowly. Two weeks ago standing up straight hurt.)
  • Some time in the past year Amazon decided that what I really wanted to see on my Shopping List was everything I ever bought there. Thanks for ruining my list of potential Christmas gifts.
  • While riding shotgun with Matt P, in a personal record for most cables in a moving vehicle, I streamed
    • to the aux input from my laptop,
    • which is tethered to my phone over usb
    • and plugged into the cigarette adapter for power

  • Matt P: "I guarantee there are less than five people in the state of California who drive a minivan more badass than I do."
  • Jon H, who is 22: "Quit being so old!"
  • Tyler H: "I dreamed you assigned me a really interesting bug. It was so vivid that when I got in to work this morning I double-checked my mail in case it was there."
  • Really, really glad Matt P does the salary negotiations with new hires. That would stress me out. Plus I'd like to be on their side.
  • Flew enough since starting Riptano to get free Economy Plus seating on United, which means I can (barely) use my Kinesis keyboard on my lap in-flight.
  • Email roulette: going through my backlog until a song I don't like hits
  • I know Matt P's plane must have landed when I have my inbox caught up when I start watching a show with Rachel, and when it's done I have 17 new mails.
  • Pro tip: when submitting code for a job interview, try compiling it first.
  • Even our vp of product is mailing me about distributed counter design now. It's the new black.
  • Tyler H doesn't understand that engineers aren't supposed to make sales. So he just does it anyway.
  • Took the family out for ice cream to celebrate hiring Ben C. I worked with him years ago at Northface (now Neumont); I've been looking forward to doing it again ever since.

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