Monday, December 06, 2010


Went to the dentist today for the usual cleaning and checkup. The hygienist I usually see was booked so I had Monica for the first time. I let the office know that I was expecting, so no x-rays this visit. The hygienist gave me advice regarding teeth and pregnancy throughout the cleaning.

At the end of the visit she asked, "So, is this your first?"

I smiled and said, "No, actually this is my fourth."

She looked stunned. "How old is your oldest?"

"He's eight." Her jaw dropped. I could see her mentally trying to calculate how old I must have been for the first.

Before she got the wrong impression I added, "Well, I am in my 30s."

She looked surprised but relieved. "Wow! You age really, really well. Guess you're not a spring chicken anymore."

Thanks, I think.


Adrasteia said...

That's my gorgeous friend! Completely and utterly timeless! <3

Renee said...

wow. what a compliment? ok, well you ARE stunning & obviously not a day over 30 ;) ;) But I think girlfriend needs a lesson in spring chickens!