Sunday, December 05, 2010

October peanuts

  • Matthew: "Good thing Mom doesn't put bacon in cupcakes."
  • My mother-in-law bought me t-shirts from woot for my birthday. On the one hand, very cool. On the other hand, my mother-in-law knows about shirt.woot!?
  • I spent a good part of my childhood eating home-ground wheat. No way am I getting Rachel a wheat grinder.
  • Adrenaline messes with your mind. Played some starcraft, got my heart rate up, totally unable to concentrate on code. Did the dishes instead. Rachel was happy with that solution.
  • Matthew spent the night with Aunt Andrea and Uncle Jeremy. They let him set his own bedtime. "We were watching Harry Potter until about 11:20 and he said, 'I should probably go to bed.'"
  • For my sore throat I tried eating salsa with a spoon because Rachel says it is antibacterial. I think it helped.
  • ITunes playlist editing sucks so much that I stopped trying. Instead I just use the skip hardbutton on my keyboard. Welcome to 1999.
  • Matthew: "Did you ask if they had any diet doughnuts, Dad?"
  • Rachel: "How does pizza sounds for dinner?" Isaac: "'Izza! 'Izza!"
  • Yes, I made a powerpoint deck for Family Home Evening. It worked better than you probably think.
  • Tried to wear the "Back the F:\ up" shirt that Devin K hooked me up with. Rachel stopped me: it's too vulgar. "But Paul C came up with it!" Still vetoed. I sneaked it into my bag for the Devoxx trip instead.
  • Isaac bounces through the house like a pinball. Most of the time, he puts his hands up before crashing into a wall or table or couch. Most of the time.
  • Isaac spilled the pastels. Melissa made the bag into a mouth that chomped them up with relish. A couple minutes later Isaac dumped them out again and fed them to the bag again, making "nom nom" noises.
  • Matthew: "What's revenge?" Me: "When you get back at someone." "What do you mean?" "Like when Melissa broke your dart, so you hit her on the head."
  • Me: "I never thought I'd say this, but we need better-tasting water."
  • Isaac is watching a kids show. "When we have a question, we look... " on Google! "... in a book." Wow, this must be old.
  • Matthew just discovered woot. So much for saving up for an ipod touch. Also, now that I bought him a charger for his Sansa that Uncle Jeremy installed Rockbox on, he think that's just about as good.
  • shirt.woot does not have long sleeve shirts. This means Rachel is in charge of 100% of our kids' wardrobes again for the next four months.
  • Me: "I sent an explanation of why I don't think I owe an extra $1080 but I got another CP2000 in the mail with no changes." IRS dude: "Can you hold? ... It looks like we owe you $638." Wish I'd gotten him the first time around.
  • Good news: Matthew is legitimately better than me at something -- he went 20-0 against me and his uncle Brian in Galcon. Bad news: I won the 21st game and he accused me of cheating and stormed off in a huff.

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