Thursday, October 15, 2009

How was your day?

To start out the day, Isaac and I did dishes. I put them in, he took them out. While we were busy, Melissa cleaned her room. Then I tossed a load in the wash and a load in the dryer. Hoot! Hoot! [play with me mom!] I crawled on my hands and knees and growled at Isaac. He squealed and toddled away as fast as he could, but not fast enough! Nom, nom, nom, I ate his belly* Giggle, giggle. After playing for a while he got tired. He curled up in my arms and nursed to sleep. He went down for a nap just in time for Melissa to come bounding downstairs. "My room's all clean!"

Great! It's PLAYDOUGH time!

Melissa stirring the pot.

What color do you want to make?

Then it was time for lunch. While I fixed it, Melissa worked on writing her 5s, sorting items, and counting 1-5. Crayons, pencils, and M&Ms were involved.

Lunch time!
PB&J, peaches, and carrots for her; pork chops, mushrooms, and rice for me. "Mom, can I try that?" Um sure. "Mmm! I like dis!" Then she ate about half of my lunch. (Maybe she's outgrowing her food pickiness? Nah.)

Reading time.
Melissa picked a story. We read. "How would you like to learn how to read, Melissa?" "No thanks, it's too hard." "We can just do sounds, how about that?" "OK!" Pulled out Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

It's the same book I used to teach Matthew and really is a fantastic beginning book. It builds step by step on the sounds the letters make, and introduces blending sounds in an easy to understand manner. There is a lot of repetition to reinforce past lessons which we sometimes skipped if Matthew already had it down cold. Overall I found it a good, parent/child friendly book. Melissa and I flew through the first three lessons easily. She seemed to enjoy it.

Isaac got up so I turned on Harold and the Purple Crayon for Melissa and attempted to feed Isaac lunch.

This is what he thought of it...

Those peaches were really sweet too!

Next Isaac decided to play TV monitor. He likes it OFF.

We find it rather tedious. "No! Isaac!"

He can also shut the doors to the entertainment cabinet. Melissa was getting frustrated. "Come here my baby trouble!"

[Grin] My work here is done!

I fed him some Cheerios and played with him so he'd leave the tv alone for a bit, then it was time to walk to Matthew's school. It was another muggy day. I later learned the heat index was about 109. That's getting pretty warm.

We get home and everybody had something to drink and an after school snack. Matthew showed me his folder and schoolwork. He read a story and I did some more laundry. Hoot! Hoot! [I'm getting tired again!] Nursed the Isaac and he crashed for his afternoon nap. 'Night, night, big guy.

I was feeling a bit tired too, so I decided to lie down on the couch and let the big kids watch some Teen Titans.

And that is precisely where Mr. Ellis found me when he came home an hour early from work.

Hello Handsome!

Since Isaac was still napping and I couldn't go back to sleep, Matthew and I started working on his lego bulldozer that grandma gave him for his birthday. Melissa "helped" too. We got about 1/3 done when it was time for dinner. Jonathan wanted to try a Caribbean place, but they went out of business, so the kids thought bubble "tea" sounded good to them. We stopped at Pearlberry for the bubble tea (taro flavored is my very favorite) and a great little Vietnamese place that we really like. Isaac was rather grumpy through dinner. His majesty threw about half of the things we offered him onto the floor. Check please!

Then it was...

Bedtime! Sweet, sweet bedtime. Teeth, jammies, a story, prayer, and into bed! Goodnight my little loves.

*I just discovered the option to change font colors on blogger. My darling man may find it annoying, but how fun for me! Next I need to do some tinkering with the layout...

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