Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow, snow, everywhere!

It dumped over a foot of snow here this morning. The kids were delighted, naturally. "It's snowing! Wow! It's snowing! Hooray!!!" They went out to "help" Daddy shovel, out again to play, and Melissa and I went on an evening trudge through the stuff (her idea- "I go on walk w' you?"). Traffic was really poor. The plows couldn't keep up with the snowfall, so Jonathan stayed home today. Good thing too, there were quite a few accidents, and at the point of the mountain (where we are) was especially bad. Lots of injuries, but no fatalities, thankfully.

We finally saw a plow in our neighborhood around 6 PM. The improvement was rather marginal, though. Now we have 4-5 inches of packed snow & ice on the road.

The kids think all the snow is absolutely wonderful. I remember when I was a kid and loved the stuff too. I lived in Iowa then, and there was always plenty of snow in the winter. Oh what fun my sister and I had making caves, licking icicles, building snow creatures, and pulling each other in the sled! My Mom would have to make me come inside to warm up and dry out my mittens and clothes.

I guess I've just gotten old. It's a lot colder than I remember as a kid. Snow isn't nearly so fun anymore...

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